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The International Learning Collaborative (ILC) is a member-based organisation, set up in 2008 to bring together like-minded healthcare and nursing professionals, academics and leaders in order to elevate the standard of fundamental care globally.

The ILC hosts a yearly conference and summit, held in alternate years at Oxford University. The event provides a fantastic opportunity for networking and collaborative research, enabling academics, clinicians, and leaders to hear about the latest in research and evidence-based healthcare delivery. For more on the ILC’s yearly event, see the Events page.


Recent News

Dates and Theme for ILC 2018

22 Jun 2017

In 2018 the ILC annual Conference and Summit will be back at Oxford, hosted by Green Templeton College, Oxford University, and Oxford Brookes University. The dates for next year’s event are June 11-13. The theme will focus on Methods, Metrics

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Welcome to the ILC 2017!

08 Jun 2017

The conference committee and the International Learning Collaborative (ILC) Steering Group welcome you to the 9th┬áInternational Learning Collaborative Annual Conference and Summit 2017 in Uppsala, Sweden. To register and pick up your conference badge and bag, please go to Gr├Ânwallsalen

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