The ILC is a group of leading nursing and healthcare academics, researchers, clinicians, executive directors and policymakers committed and determined to influence the way fundamental care is delivered through Academic Health Science Systems worldwide.


The focus of the ILC is on the delivery of fundamental care to patients, and how it is delivered in safe, effective, and consistent ways. The ILC aims to close the knowledge gap between what is important both to patients and to those who deliver their care in complex challenging environments.

The ILC held its first formal meeting in 2008 hosted by Green Templeton College, Oxford University, and has since facilitated an annual Conference and Summit.

The ILC Steering Group was established in September 2014 and includes representatives from Australia, Sweden, Canada and the United Kingdom. The Steering Group oversees and coordinates activity between the annual meetings. Currently the overall administration of the ILC is coordinated from Professor Kitson’s home base in the Adelaide Nursing School, University of Adelaide.


Goals of the ILC

The focus of the ILC is on the delivery of fundamental care to patients and how it is delivered in safe, effective, consistent and person-centred ways.


Create learning opportunities for international nursing leaders and healthcare colleagues to improve the overall safety and personalised care patients receive in advanced technical settings (Academic Health Science Systems). We have created a forum whereby policy makers, academics, researchers and executive leaders can come together with other groups to see how best to integrate clinical excellence with research and academic excellence.

Develop and refine the evidence base for the Fundamentals of Care through international research collaboration. Specifically we will focus on those universal activities performed in every health system e.g. nutrition, hydration, elimination, comfort, privacy – which often, if poorly executed, precipitate patient complaints, or worse, failures in patient safety.

Provide a network that promotes the:

  • Sharing of best evidence, policy and practice around fundamental care
  • Integration of clinical practice, research and academic education to promote excellence in fundamental care
  • Mapping of current challenges to the delivery of person-centred, safe fundamental care, and developing collaborative strategies to address these challenges
  • Development of an international research collaborative to promote the systematic investigation of fundamentals of care in  healthcare systems globally


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