Connected to Care

In moving towards our goal of becoming a global leader in transforming the delivery of fundamental care, the ILC has created a tag line to encapsulate the work that we do and demonstrate our goals, mission and values. The tagline

Interview with Dr Barbara Orchard

Professor Alison Kitson from the International Learning Collaborative sat down with Dr Barbara Orchard to discuss the importance of personal values and observation when providing basic care in a clinical setting. Dr Orchard worked in hospital and general practice in Australia and

ILC Website Launch

The International Learning Collaborative have launched a website! The website is an online platform to demonstrate the work and activity on the go by the ILC. Lead by co-Founder Professor Alison Kitson, the ILC Steering Group are gearing up for

2014 ILC Summit

The 2014 ILC Summit was officially opened by Sir David Watson. In his opening address Sir David reflected upon the important role an Oxford College can play in enabling and encouraging debate around the complex problems of contemporary society. He challenged the delegates to think about the meaning of care in contemporary society and how a group such as the ILC could begin to shape some of the emerging debates.

2013 ILC Summit

Hosted by Green Templeton College and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden the 2013 theme was ‘Reclaiming and Redefining the Fundamentals of Care: Responding to the patient centred care agenda’ The ILC look forward to hosting their 7th Summit in