ILC 2016 Newsletter

This year, the ILC Conference and Summit saw us back in the beautiful grounds of Green Templeton College, Oxford University. With a focus on translating evidence into practice, the annual event offered engaging presentations, thought-provoking discussions, and excellent opportunities for networking and collaboration. Professor Denise Lievelsey, Principal, Green Templeton College, welcomed more than 50 international and multi-disciplinary healthcare practitioners, researchers, leaders and students to the conference on Monday June 13.


2016-06-13 17.38.44Professor Denise Lievesley


Keynote speakers, Dr Sian Rees, Director, Health Experiences Institute, Oxford University, and Professor Debra Jackson, Professor of Nursing, Oxford Brookes University, set the scene, leading us through dynamic presentations on the reciprocity of care and the meaning and nature of patient harm and safety.


2016-06-13 17.57.49 2016-06-13 18.37.57
Dr Sian Rees                                                         Professor Debra Jackson


With a focus on greater participant interaction, this year the ILC conference was structured around three panels followed by interactive workshops. The first panel, enthusiastically led by Dr Ashok Handa, focused on values-based care, and provided practical, worked examples of the delivery of such care in radiography, surgery and psychiatry. Ashok reminded us that each person has a set of unique values that determine what is important to them in terms of their healthcare. Working with and attending to these diverse, individual values is at the heart of values-based care.


2016-06-13 19.37.05Dr Ashok Handa


The relationship-centred care panel took us on a journey from creating evidence on the nurse-patient relationship to synthesising and translating it into practice. Professor Jackie Bridges spoke about building relational capacity at a team level in order to effect real change for the delivery of compassionate, relationship-centred fundamental care. Tiffany Conroy talked about her team’s completion of an umbrella review on the factors that are important to the nurse-patient relationship, which used Jackie’s work on nurses’ experiences of the nurse-patient relationship. Dr Rebecca Feo spoke about the development of a new method for combining research evidence with research/clinical expertise to create recommendations for nursing practice. Rebecca provided a worked example of the method, using the umbrella review findings outlined by Tiffany and the Fundamentals of Care Framework to generate practical recommendations for nurses on developing relationships with patients and families.


2016-06-13 21.59.50Professor Jackie Bridges


The physical fundamentals of care panel focused on the delivery, assessment, and measurement of physical fundamental care needs. Kathleen Vollman outlined her interventional patient hygiene model, which offers an innovative approach to preventing avoidable nursing errors, such as skin injury, respiratory complications and failure to rescue. Assistant Professor Craig Dale’s work on nurses’ perceived barriers to oral hygiene in the ICU articulately demonstrated that attending to fundamental care needs is not a basic or simple task. Dr Asa Muntlin Athlin then explored the assessment and measurement of fundamental care in Emergency Departments, explicating the tendency for most EDs to neglect measuring some of the most vital aspects of nursing care, such as pressure injury.


2016-06-14 00.04.21 2016-06-14 00.16.34
Assistant Prof. Craig Dale                                               Dr Asa Muntlin Athlin


Following the panels, each presenter held their own workshop in which attendees discussed the generation of ‘one big idea’ relevant to the presenter’s topic area. The ILC will work on developing small projects around each of these ideas. The conference was brought to a close by Catherine Stoddart, Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


The ILC summit on June 14-15, held at St Luke’s Chapel, was welcomed by Professor Gary Ford, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford AHSN, who spoke about the challenges facing modern healthcare systems, including co-morbidity and ageing, and the need for greater innovation and translation of knowledge within these systems. This was followed by a Year in Review, detailing the ILC’s fantastic achievements over the past 12 months.


2016-06-15 00.53.55 2016-06-14 17.37.47
St Luke’s Chapel, Oxford University                  Professors Gary Ford and Alison Kitson


Dr Rebecca Feo then led us in a workshop on Refining the Fundamentals of Care, with the aim of generating consensus and shared understanding within the ILC of how we define and conceptualise fundamental care. The workshop was part of a larger ILC project involving members from Australia, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand, and will work towards validating and refining the Fundamentals of Care Framework. The workshop was benefited by the attendance of seven lay contributors, who provided vital expertise and reiterated the importance of person- and relationship-centred care and the complexity and interdependency of fundamental care needs.


Day 2 was capped off with dinner at the Green Templeton College dining hall, housed in the heart of the college at the iconic 18th century Radcliffe Observatory.


2016-06-15 02.58.18The Radcliffe Observatory


Day 3 began with a Q&A will Professor Bill Fulford, Fellow and Director, Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and Social Care, St Catherine’s College, Oxford University. Bill spoke of the crucial importance of values-based care to fundamental care.


The remainder of the day focused on ILC governance and our emerging action plan for the next 12 months. There was a strong consensus from members on the value add of the lay contributors and the need to incorporate them into each of our annual events. This prompted further discussion around the importance of co-design and the need to work with our colleagues in medicine and the allied health professions in moving the fundamentals of care agenda forward.


Members also talked extensively about ways to promote the work of the ILC, and agreed on members including the ILC as an affiliation in their email signatures and on publications, as well as the use of ‘fundamentals of care’ as a keyword in journal articles. Ways to improve the ILC’s social media presence were also discussed, with an ILC twitter account created. Follow us @ILCconnect2care. These discussions helped to form a set of deliverables for ILC 2017.


IMG_5041 (1)Attendees at the ILC Conference and Summit


The ILC is already looking forward to capitalising on this year’s important work when we meet next year in Uppsala, Sweden. Our annual event will held on June 12-14. Stay tuned for more information.