ILC Awarded Green Templeton College Small Grant

The International Learning Collaborative (ILC) were recently successful in securing a Green Templeton College Small Grant to host its 9th annual Conference Day and Summit at Green Templeton College (GTC), University of Oxford, in 2016. The small grants were awarded to academics to undertake activities such as lectures, seminar series or research within the 2015/2016 academic year.

The ILC is excited to once again visit Green Templeton College. The College actively champions rigorous research around patient experience, organisational leadership and clinical excellence and this will provide the ideal backdrop for our 2016 event.

In 2016 the ILC Conference Day and Summit will focus on how we can better translate the evidence of the Fundamentals of Care into practice. Through the support of the Green Templeton College small grant we are able to continue our work to transform the delivery of fundamental care in increasingly complex and challenging environments.