New ILC Publication

ILC members have had a paper accepted in Nursing Inquiry on transforming empirical evidence into practice-relevant recommendations for nurses. The paper describes the development of a novel methodological approach, called holistic interpretive synthesis, which synthesises empirical research evidence with knowledge based on clinical and research expertise and experience in order to generate recommendations to inform and enhance nursing practice. With a focus on the nurse-patient relationship and the fundamentals of care, the paper describes the development of a set of practical behaviours that inform nurses how to establish, maintain and evaluate therapeutic relationships with patients in order to deliver person-centred fundamental care. These behaviours were also the topic of a presentation and workshop at this year’s ILC conference.

The paper will be available online in the coming months. However, in the meantime, if you learned about the behaviours at the ILC conference and would like to use or reference them in your work, please use the following citation: Feo, R., Conroy, T., Marshall, R., Rasmussen, P., Wiechula, R., & Kitson, A. (in press). Using holistic interpretive synthesis to create practice-relevant guidance for person-centred fundamental care delivered by nurses. Nursing Inquiry.

For more information on the article, please contact the lead author: