Registrations for ILC 2017 now open

The ILC’s annual three-day Conference and Summit will be held this year at Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden, on 12-14 June. This year’s event centres on the theme: “Involving the Patient”. The aim is to explore innovative strategies for harnessing, synthesising and operationalising evidence and effectively involving patients in healthcare research, education, practice and policy, in order to transform the delivery of fundamental care.

The event promises to bring an exciting three days of discussion, debate and networking. A detailed event program is available here. The three days are set out as follows:

  • Day 1 Conference (Grönwallsalen: Uppsala University Hospital, entrance 70): the conference will showcase the latest research on fundamental care from around the world, focusing specifically on the Swedish healthcare landscape and the international ILC agenda. It will consist of a series of keynotes, plenaries and workshops, designed to identify local and international challenges and innovations, particularly in relation to involving patients in healthcare research, education and policy. The conference is open to the public. Associated registration fees can be found on the registration form below. Maximum capacity: 300 participants.
  • Days 2 and 3 Summit (Wieselsalen: Uppsala University Hospital, entrance 10): the summit is for members only and provides an overview of ILC planning, growth and development. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the ILC, please visit the Membership page. This year’s Summit will feature presentations and interactive workshops on reorganising clinical practice, rethinking fundamental education, and generating fundamentals of care minimum data sets. Associated registration fees for the summit are also available on the registration form below. Maximum capacity: 50 participants.

To register for the event, please click here. This year, registration forms will be completed via hardcopy and sent directly to  Payment will be made via bank transfer. The registration form contains all necessary details for transferring money when located in or outside of Sweden. This registration and payment process is quick, simple, effective and safe. Registrations close 5pm 31 May (Central European Time).

If you have any questions regarding registration or payment, please contact or the ILC Steering group on

We look forward to seeing you there!