The ILC hosts an annual event consisting of a Conference and a Summit.

2020 Conference

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The Conference

The conference is open to anyone interested in working towards improving the delivery of the fundamentals of care. The conference is facilitated by local hosts and is a way of engaging the local community in a discussion about fundamentals of care and how we tackle some of the ‘wicked’ problems facing our health care systems globally. Facilitating discussion between local experts and international ILC delegates has always created rich and rewarding conversations and is a tradition we are keen to continue.

The Summit

The summit is available only for ILC members. It is an opportunity for members to discuss their continued work and the ILC’s governance in order to move forward in our goal of transforming the way in which fundamental care is delivered globally.


The annual ILC Conference and Summit provides an ideal opportunity for networking, allowing members and local delegates to come together to share ideas and develop collaborative research and development projects.


As a Student Nurse I found the overall meeting very inspiring. It was fantastic to see nurse research in action. Looking forward to the next meeting already.

Student Nurse, Previous Attendee

As a first time attender and lay member, I was not entirely sure what to expect and how, if at all, I would make any useful contribution. The event on Fundamentals of Care made me consider many aspects of delivery and patient confidence that were new in my thinking. I felt privileged to participate in policy discussion and formulation of priority amongst so many leaders in the field of care. The conference content, speakers, venue, catering and opportunities to network were all excellent. I hope to be asked again.

Lay Member, Previous Attendee

This provided an excellent opportunity to see the great work of academics trying to move forward the agenda for collaborative learning about care.

Previous Attendee

Patient participation at the workshop offered a meaningful perspective into the fundamentals of care.

Previous Attendee


Each year, the ILC event has a theme to focus our discussions. Each theme is strategically designed to achieve our goals.

Past Topics

    • 2013 Reclaiming and Redefining the Fundamentals of Care: Responding to the patient centred care agenda
    • 2014 Leadership for Practical Action around the Fundamentals of Care
    • 2015 How Fundamentals of Care can transform Patient-centred Care and your Health System
    • 2016 Getting the Evidence around Fundamentals of Care into Practice
    • 2017 Involving the Patient
    • 2018 Methods, Metrics and Mobilisation
    • 2019 Integration of Care


Do I need to be a member to attend the event?

3 days ago

You do not need to be a member to attend the Conference or Masterclass; you simply need to register. You do need to be a member to attend the Summit. Attendance at the Summit also requires registration. Registration details for both the Conference/Masterclass and Summit are made available prior to the event.

Will I get documentation to submit for funding?

3 days ago

If you are presenting at the conference (e.g., providing a keynote presentation, delivering a workshop, leading a world café session) then you will be provided written documentation of your attendance and participation for funding purposes.