The ILC’s goals are to provide a network that:

  • Goal Maps current challenges to the delivery of person-centred, safe fundamental care, and developing collaborative strategies to address these challenges
  • Goal Integrates clinical practice, research and education to promote excellence in fundamental care
  • Goal Develops research evidence through the systematic investigation of fundamentals of care in healthcare systems globally
  • Goal Shares the best available evidence, policy and practice around fundamental care

The ILC achieves these goals through:

  • Annual Conference and Summit meetings
  • Monthly Steering Group meetings, which
    • Ensure continued governance for the ILC
    • Provide an opportunity for Steering Group members to share the latest information around fundamental care practice, education, research, and policy being developed in their respective countries
  • Working groups focused on:
    • Involving patients/consumers, practising nurses and other healthcare professionals in the ILC’s work
    • Developing appropriate and effective ways to measure fundamental care
  • Collaborative research projects
    • Examples of such projects include: a joint project between Sweden and Australia investing how patients with abdominal pain experience the fundamentals of care within hospital, and a project designed to develop a working definition for fundamental care
  • Representation at the Association of Academic Health Centres (AAHC)
    • Since 2016, ILC members have presented at the AAHC’s annual Global Issues Forum, providing a voice for nursing and fundamentals of care.
  • Podcasts
    • Selected presentations from ILC members and Conference and Summit presenters