Intellectual property and rules of engagement


The ILC is designed to expose ideas and opportunities and facilitate collaborative discussion and action around the practice, research, education and policy of fundamental care:

  • 1. discuss ideas and opinions in an open and respectful manner and give others credit for their contributions
  • 2. encourage input from a diversity of stakeholders to ensure that opportunities are considered and with a focus on matching needs and capabilities
  • 3. aim to identify opportunities and drive collaborations to transfer innovation into action
  • 4. understand that sharing an idea in these sessions does not transfer any rights that might exist in relation to those ideas
  • 5. seek agreement from those who contribute ideas before sharing or using those outside of the collaborative forum


Where groups within the ILC form around a concept and wish to develop a detailed action or investment plan around a project then the expectation is that – unless otherwise agreed:

  • 1. discussions will be confidential
  • 2. any rights in ideas and related intellectual property remain with the respective owners – permitted use by others in the group is only for evolution of the project proposal
  • 3. further responsibilities, rights and obligations will be documented between the group members engaged in the project